Jane Bailey

Jane Bailey

Jane Bailey, BSN, RN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
St. Mary's Hospital (WI)
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

The DAISY Award this year comes at a perfect time for me to nominate Jane Bailey. I have been a NICU nurse for many years and at St. Mary's for the past 3 as PRN. When I changed my status to an FTE, I needed to choose a preceptor to sharpen my skills for my return to a Level III NICU. I chose Jane to be my preceptor because she possesses every single one of the nine qualities described in the DAISY nomination form. I have worked closely with her at the bedside, and feel well qualified to say that this award is "tailor-made" for Jane.

Jane is a true professional. She collaborates with the members of the health care team and advocates for her patient and their families as her first priority. She is a clinically superior nurse, works diligently with fine attention to the smallest of details, that impact her patient's care. Families appreciated her kind, gentle demeanor. I have witnessed families who light up when they realize that Jane will be their nurse for the day. She has a calming effect on the most anxious of families. She is compassionate and tender hearted where her patients and families are concerned.

Recently a family presented the entire healthcare team with unusually difficult challenges. Even the most kind and professional among us were frustrated and stymied by this family. Jane's response was. "are we failing this family in some way?" As a true professional, she will advocate for the most challenging of families.

Jane has a very strong clinical knowledge base and is effective and patient when teaching families and peers. She is often in charge in the NICU and collaborates well as a resource to other nurses and families. Recently she realized the new nurses could benefit from more focused training for understanding the pathophysiology and clinical strategies specific to commonly seen in NICU scenarios for the most critical babies. Jane saw this challenge as opportunity to develop a two-day training program, engaging physicians, therapists, and other professionals, specifically designed to meet this need.

Although there are many excellent nurses in the NICU, I can't think of one more humble or more respected by all than Jane Bailey. She is most deserving of this award and I consider myself privileged to have had her as my mentor. I highly recommend Jane for the award because she exemplifies St. Mary's Hospital values of Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Stewardship and Community and St. Mary's Hospital Mission: Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.