Jamie Beaumont

Jamie Beaumont, RN

Monroe County Hospital and Clinics
Albia, Iowa
United States

Jamie is the calming effect in our Emergency Nursing world. No matter what happens, she adjusts and handles it. We are a very small facility and we recently lost two of our 5 staffed RNs. Jamie jumped in and began doing 24 hour shifts as though it was a completely normal thing. No complaining, no victim, no whining. She maintains outstanding relationships with our Medical Staff; they trust her judgment completely. And Jamie is always mentioned on our patient satisfaction surveys for her compassion.

Jamie treats every ER patient the same way – with dignity and respect. She introduces herself and manages up her skills (and the skills of our EMS and Physician) to reduce the patient’s fear and anxiety. She is an excellent communicator, consistently keeping waiting patients informed. She does an excellent job of letting patients know their treatment plan and what to expect next. And she views discharge calls as an extension of the care plan, preventing readmissions and accidents in the home.

I’m sure there are many individual stories we can tell. But the thing about Jamie that causes me to nominate her is that she is the same every day. I spoke with an ER Ward Clerk who has been here a lot longer than Jamie. She told me that from the very first day, Jamie treated her with respect and listened to what she had to say. She treats everyone that way and she is always the calm in the middle of the story. If my kids come to the ER, I hope Jamie is there.