Jamie Albert

Jamie Albert

Jamie Albert, RN

4 Medical
Sarah Bush Lincoln
Mattoon, Illinois
United States
Jamie stayed by my side and advocated for me.

During my admission to SBL and 4 Medical, I received exceptional care from all of the nursing staff, but Jamie really impressed me with her critical thinking skills and her duty as a nurse to advocate for me – her patient.

Jamie took the time to look at my medications and explained to me that she would be contacting the provider to request an additional medication to prevent the side effects of taking multiple antibiotics. As a 20-year Registered Nurse, this was very impressive that she used her critical thinking skills and thought about what medications I took and helped to prevent any side-effects that could have occurred.

My admission to SBL was during the COVID pandemic, and after 3 days on 4 Medical, the providers felt that I needed to be tested for COVID. For me, this was very scary. I was worried about all of the people I had been in contact with – my family, my co-workers, and the staff. What if I was positive? Did I expose someone to this horrible virus? The guilt I began to feel was overwhelming. According to our policy, any person under investigation needed to be transferred to our COVID unit on 2 South. I will admit – I had some concerns about moving to a unit with confirmed positive patients. What if I did not have COVID, but I was exposed to patients who did have it? This was a very scary time for me.

It was during this time that Jamie stayed by my side and advocated for me. SBL had just been approved to complete the rapid COVID testing in our lab. Jamie asked the provider if this was something that could be completed on me. The results of this test took about an hour instead of the usual 24 hours with the regular testing. The provider agreed, and Jamie continued to provide my care as I was her only patient until the results came back.

This meant so much to me as her patient. During these uncertain times with an unknown virus, Jamie could have been scared and wanted to move me as soon as possible, but instead, she put my needs before her own and did what was best for her patient.

Thank you, Jamie, for your excellent nursing care!