Jamaan Aali Ahmed Almalki
March 2019
Male Surgical Unit 01
King Faisl Medical Complex ,Taif
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Jamaan finished his scheduled duty at 4 pm in his department (Male Surgical Unit). When suddenly, there was a mobile team hospital code announcement. Instead of leaving the hospital to go home, he submitted himself to proceed to the Emergency Department to assist the mobile team. He offered his services in the ER from 4 pm to 8 pm without any given directives from his manager or from any superiors. He did not even expect any rewards in return. He is not even officially part of the mobile team.
This illustrates how dedicated and passionate Jamaan is to the nursing profession by providing support in times of crisis. He made his own decision to attend to the code and not even minding his tiredness from a whole day's work. Moreover, he stayed out of his normal working hours and continued to serve not only to his fellow colleagues but as good Samaritan, helping patients to survive the traumatic ordeal. He was there until evening not even asking for anything back for his good deeds. Most importantly, he fueled enormous spirit of teamwork in the workplace. He showed a sense of responsibility to act and perform beyond his call of duty. He portrayed altruism and humanitarian values that impact to a positive working environment with this extraordinary act. It was an amazing inspiration to every nurse with his compassion to serve. He was a source of strength and hope to patients with his immediate attention in times of need to save the lives of many. Truly for us, he is worthy of the highest form of appreciation.