Jalynne Brown

Jalynne Brown

Jalynne Brown, RN

Surgical Level Six
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States
Jalynne’s positive energy permeates into her compassionate care.

Jalynne is often a primary nurse for some of our most challenging patients, both medically and emotionally.  She gives her best to these patients each and every day she cares for them.  She develops strong, trusting relationships with her patients and goes to great lengths to advocate for them.  Jalynne recognizes how a traumatic injury impacts the entire family and changes how a family will care for their child in the future. 

She works closely with the multidisciplinary team to ensure patients and families receive the education, medical supplies, and confidence they need to be successful after discharge. I have seen many withdrawn teenage patients trying to cope with a new spinal cord injury or brain injury, smile and light up when Jalynne enters their room.  These patients truly trust her and rely on her strength to get them through a challenging day.  We often have patients return to the hospital to visit Jalynne.  The smile and excitement on their faces when they see her, brings joy to my heart and reminds me of the lifelong impact nurses can have on the lives of our patients.  I have also seen the look of elation on Jalynne’s face when she receives a visit from a previous patient. She remembers specific things about each patient and asks them about school, friends, family members, etc.

Jalynne inspires me to be the best nurse I can be and continually reminds me how lucky I am to be a part of a wonderful hospital that truly cares for the children and families we serve.  There are many great nurses in our profession, but I can say with certainty that I haven’t met another nurse that exemplifies the true compassion, love, and dedication to her patients that Jalynne does. 


Jalynne is an exceptional nurse.  She has a warm demeanor and passion that she brings every day to her job.  Her thoughtfulness and attentiveness of cares to her patients makes her a strong and remarkable patient advocate. She continues to grow in her experience and contributes to the evolution of our unit.  Always making a conscious effort to stay attuned to the needs of her patients, she devises various detailed, family-centered care plans that enhance the voices of her patients while creating a healing environment.  The sincerity in her care such as the detail she takes in simple tasks like washing and brushing the hair of a kiddo who hasn’t been bathed in weeks due to their injury and teaching the mom to dress the child in her normal clothes, so family sees the child as he or she once was, are the many elements that make Jalynne an extraordinary nurse.  

Her dedication to her families is what connects her to her patients and illustrates to these parents in desperate times that someone cares.  She exemplifies to them that she cares just as much as they do, loves just as much as they do and has a voice to represent and guide them back to their child or help them to navigate through the new normal.  She truly is an exceptional nurse.  Maya Angelou states, “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  This quote is a truth and legacy that Jalynne continues to inspire in her patients as a nurse.  She truly is an extraordinary, amazing nurse and I am honored to have worked with her all these years.


Working at Children's Hospital Colorado means working with extraordinary nurses, I feel so fortunate to have spent my career being mentored and working alongside such amazing people. Jalynne is no exception and is one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated nurses on the 6th floor. This past year has been a transitional year for the 6th floor, we have had high acuity patients with complex social situations, significant experienced staff turnover, and labile morale throughout it all Jalynne has remained a positive beacon for the floor. Her years of experience have been invaluable in training when training new staff. She has a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks for our most complicated neurosurgical and rehab patients. Her cheerful and helpful attitude has brightened many days and keeps morale up.

Jalynne’s positive energy permeates into her compassionate care. Many times I will have patients who ask when Jalynne will be back and when will she be their nurse again. Families love her and her education style. She will always make the time to sit down and meet a family where they are—emotionally, physically, mentally, and intellectually. She has worked with the most demanding families and families in crisis to get them to understand what their child needs and what they need in order to be successful at home. Her concern is first and foremost her patients and their family needs. She is able to weave together the multidisciplinary care needs for her patients and present it to families and caregivers in a cohesive and manageable way. Her unwavering positivity helps families see through their current situation and into a new future.

When patients come back for visits they are quick to ask if Jalynne is working, they want to show her the progress they have made and where they are in the recovery process. Jalynne celebrates every victory with patients and families regardless of how big or small and cries with them or provides a shoulder for them when things aren’t going as planned.

She is a true asset to the 6th floor, the organization, and every patient and family she has cared for.