Jacqueline Maxson

Jacque Maxson

Jacqueline Maxson, BSN, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Jacque strongly stood her ground and told them the reasons why she did not agree with their plan.

There are some nurses that go above and beyond for their patients daily, and Jacque is undeniably one of them. This is only one example of why she is a true DAISY Nurse. 

Jacque had been taking care of a post-operative neurosurgical patient for two days. The first day was full of complaints of pain, but a smiling, strong, and interactive boy. On the second day, something seemed wrong to Jacque. He was sleepier and not acting like himself. After multiple calls to the physicians, Jacque was given an order that she did not feel was in the best interest of the patient. She strongly stood her ground and told them the reasons why she did not agree with their plan. At the same time, the patient began to quickly decompensate. Her quick response and incredible critical thinking skills got the patient the attention he needed rapidly, allowing the physicians to intervene before the patient could decompensate any further.

After a rapid intubation, EVD placement, and CT scan, the patient was stabilized and able to be extubated, all because of Jacque's recognition and care. Throughout the entire situation, Jacque never neglected to communicate to the patient, provide him comfort, a feeling of safety, and calm his nerves. She also supported his family and kept open communication with them every step of the way. Jacque is truly an outstanding patient advocate, nurse, and coworker. This is only one example of the amazing care that she provides daily, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.