March 2014
Jacob "Jake"
6 North Pediatric Oncology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
United States




"Jacob has been my daughter's nurse through some rough treatments. He was always so good with her and treated her with the best care. He is also great with parents and addressing our concerns. He is a great nurse!!!" ... "When our son was going through his chemo / stem cell transplant he helped us in so many ways. Every night we had a question he new answers. Details Details. I love that! He took our son under his wing like his own son! He asked for Jake every night shift and that's when mommy and daddy would be able to sleep! Jake is such a warm and dedicated person and he should get the DAISY Award in my book!" ... "My 5 year old son was having a hard time being back for round 2 of chemo, dealing with having been in isolation for a couple of days and was depressed, sad, and crying when he was able to venture out. I couldn't say or do anything to coax him out of the room. Jake went into the room, sat and talked to him. They both shared their emotions, their tears and supported each other. When Jake emerged from the room, my son was with him and didn't go back in until bedtime. Many nurses think they make an impact on lives, and they do. But, it takes a special nurse, who shows compassion, doesn't talk down to the kids and is professional the entire time I have known him for me to feel Jake Madonia deserves the DAISY Award. There are many amazing nurses on 6 North and I would nominate almost every single one of them. Jake is special and has helped not just my son navigate this new life, but my husband and me, as well." ... "Jake Madonia is one of two male nurses who works on 6 North. Jake works with special type of people - he works with terminally ill children with cancer. You have to have a great heart to show the love he does to our kids, sincerity to the families who are by their sick children, team player for all of 6 North staff as well as Roswell's amazing staff, and most of all strength. Strength plays a huge part in Jake's integrity because he has to show strength to these kids on his floor because he too is battling cancer again. He is a role model to these kids. Jake is always smiling and doing whatever it takes to make sure each child gets the care they need above his own needs. Families of our children on 6 North know that when Jake is their nurse we are leaving our kid(s) in one of the best care Roswell can provide. Even though all the staff on 6 North are exceptional and we (family members and kids) tell him he is an amazing person - we would love to see that he is acknowledged with the DAISY Award for all his bravery he has provided for all of us. This award is a HUGE thank-you and will mean so much to everyone to see that what he gives us is noticed and appreciated." .. "Jake is the perfect nurse. He has been wonderful to all the kids on the pediatric floor. His work ethic is amazing and he goes above and beyond to help these kids. All his coworkers respect him a ton. When my son was very ill one night, he did not leave his side and made sure he was doing everything he needed to do to take care of him while working closely with the doctors. I will never forget that dedication during the worst night of my life. He has a great bedside manner with kids of all ages and is genuinely compassionate and shows empathy to these kids. He has the best attitude and never brings his own personal suffering with cancer while working. He is a true professional who cares deeply for these kids." ... "He is a great nurse!!!" ... "Jake took very good care of me at Roswell Park. He understood what I am going through, especially when I was sick and very crabby and uncomfortable. It is hard to be 11 and half and not be scared of what is going on. When he was on nights I looked forward to having him as my nurse and was sad when I did not have him." ... "Jake comes to work with total enthusiasm. Even when he is having a bad day I can never tell . Jake makes everyone feel at ease even during the most difficult times, When he is here I know my child will be taken care of whether or not he is our nurse." ... "Jake is awesome. On his down time he plays games with me." ... "Jacob stayed with my girlfriend's son when he was very ill one night he never left his side while keeping in touch with the doctors and helping to keep him stable during a very bad fever and bacterial infection when they thought he was going septic. Very professional nurse, Jake is well loved by all the parents and kids on 6th north." ... "Amazing genuine nurse that truly cares for his patients. Not only how they feel, but he also helps lift their spirits up and no matter how much time each of his patients takes to get them where they need to be, he spends that time with them individually and wholeheartedly cares for each one." ... "I love Jake he makes me feel comfortable and happy when I'm here." ... "Jacob was my nurse. He has saved my life. He is now having chemo treatment and deserves this award. He helped me through my worst nights in the hospital."