Jaclyn Frank

Jaclyn Frank

Jaclyn Frank, RN, BSN

D14 Orthopedics/Trauma Unit
UC Davis Medical Center and Ambulatory Care
Sacramento, California
United States

Recently a mother came and shared, on behalf of her daughter, their hospital experience on Davis 14 at a Nurse Practice Council. The mother expressed how grateful she was to all the staff on Davis 14 for their excellent care but especially to Jackie for going above and beyond and for playing a major role in their healing. Here is how the patient's mother told the story:

Jaclyn Frank exemplifies compassionate and professional nursing each day she arrives on the unit. However her dedication and advocacy she demonstrated with TH went above and beyond in so many different ways.

Jaclyn Frank was the primary nurse for TH, a young female patient who had an extended and complicated hospitalization after a traumatic injury. TH's mother shared many examples about the phenomenal care her daughter and family received from all the staff on Davis 14. Although she believed her daughter's overall care was excellent, she felt that the primary nurse (Jackie's care and relationship with their family) played a major role in the healing process. Being the primary nurse, Jackie always seemed to cheer up the room with her smile and her acts of kindness and compassion.

Her assessment of TH and her family demonstrated the need for a structured daily routine. Jackie developed a schedule for TH that was posted in the room. This was communicated to the other nurses to follow as well as the patient and her family. The patient did much better coping with the hospitalization knowing what to expect daily and at what time. She knew ahead of time the expectations of her as a patient and worked harder to accomplish those daily goals. Additionally Jackie understood that this also gave the patient some control of her day and the multiple therapies she needed to participate in to heal. The family appreciated having the schedule as it allowed them to plan; both parents worked full-time and this schedule allowed them some flexible options. The mother stated that after Jackie put the schedule together she finally saw TH improve.

Jackie developed a relationship with TH. Both loved their beautiful hair and would have hair conversations as well as many other conversations about life outside of hospital. The mother explained how important this was to her daughter to be able to talk about "normal "things.

There were several setbacks in the progression towards discharge with TH, an emergent trip back to surgery, requiring a more extensive hospitalization. Being in the hospital for as long as TH was, she started to withdraw and become depressed. Because of the relationship Jackie had developed with her patient, she recognized the subtle changes in her patient's demeanor. Jackie requested her mother to bring in makeup and hair supplies; she encouraged her patient to "fix" herself up, a normal routine that she did daily. She also asked that her computer be brought to the room, and encouraged her to communicate with friends, as well as encouraging friends to come visit for short periods of time. All of this contributed greatly to TH's healing process.