Isabel Barcenilla

Isabel Barcenilla

Isabel Barcenilla, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States
Isabel was extremely efficient in her nursing skills and her knowledge seems to be beyond what a nurse should be required to know.

Isabel Barcenilla was nominated for the exceptional care and compassion shown to a patient after his unexpected cardiac arrest. Following back surgery, the patient had a cardiac arrest during physical therapy and a code blue was called.

“I’ve never seen so many people move so quickly in such a short period of time, like a well-oiled machine,” wrote the patient’s wife in a nomination letter. “After reviving him, he was taken to ICU and we met Isabel. Your nurses and support people are wonderful, but Isabel is exceptional.”

The patient’s wife felt that Isabel’s compassion and caring were above and beyond anything they had ever experienced. When they asked her to explain what had happened, they felt Isabel did it in a way they could both understand, while ensuring they didn’t feel rushed.

“She was extremely efficient in her nursing skills, compassionate when doing uncomfortable procedures and her knowledge seems to be beyond what a nurse should be required to know,” the patient’s wife wrote. “No matter what we needed she was there with a smile on her face and completing whatever we needed accomplished.”

Not only did the couple deeply value Isabel, but their entire family as well. Isabel supported many members of their family by answering their questions that at times seemed to be endless.

“Words cannot accurately describe what she did for us,” the wife wrote. “She was our guardian angel and was by far the brightest star in a sky of stars.”