Hilda Buckley

Hilda Buckley, RN

Labor and Delivery
CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs
Hot Springs, Arkansas
United States
Hilda spent hours with me and my little girl. She got to know me, checked on my husband constantly.

Being pregnant and having a baby during the pandemic has been stressful and has come with a lot of sadness and anxiety. We missed out on a lot of special moments we would normally be granted because of restrictions and safety precautions.

The day after welcoming our daughter into the world, my husband and only support person I was allowed to have there wasn't feeling well and had a high fever. Due to the possibility of it being COVID-19 related he had to leave me at the hospital alone with our daughter the day after a c-section and report to the ER. I was distraught, I was sore, hormonal/emotional, scared, and sad. It felt like one more thing I had to do alone and was getting stropped away because of this virus.

The nurse walked in moments later. I cried and expressed all my fears and sadness to her. Hilda was amazing. She held me. She prayed with me. She assured me. As luck would have it, that night was really rough for my baby. She cried most of the night and had a lot of trouble feeding. Hilda spent hours with me and my little girl. She got to know me, checked on my husband constantly, who luckily was negative for COVID-19. She held and fed my baby to give me a break, walked with me down the hallways, let me get to know her, and prayed for me and my family some more. She made sure to come to see me before her shift ended to tell me goodbye and make sure I was okay and didn't need anything else.

When I say this woman was a light in a lot of darkness for me that is no exaggeration. She is an example of what a nurse should strive to be for his or her patients. Hilda's already the best in my book.


Note: This is Hilda's 2nd DAISY Award!