May 2022
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Heather became our unit's Clinical Nurse Manager around the same time I began my new graduate program. She played a major role in helping out us new grads execute our new grad project. She is always hands-on at the bedside as a resource nurse, takes time even during her days off to Facetime and check up on us, and oftentimes came in early or stayed later to help out. Comments from colleagues:

  • She was resourceful not only to new grads but to all nursing staff on the unit. Her work ethic and attributes are definitely what I would imagine a DAISY Award recipient to encompass. 
  • Heather goes above and beyond the call of duty every second of every shift, every day, for both staff and patients. She is not only an incredible role model for other nurses and even care partners aspiring to be Registered Nurses but also an incredible patient advocate. It is not every day or on every unit that you get to work with people like her. 
  • She remembers the small things and jumps in to help without being asked (though she always asks around if anyone needs help). She is totally on top of it, and I feel so comfortable going to her with anything and I know that she will get it figured out and sorted no matter how big or small the situation. She is a rockstar! I am now a full-time Care Partner on this unit, but when I was a Resource Team Care Partner floating here and I was very nervous and had not much experience caring for babies, she walked me through every detail without making me feel silly for not knowing. I felt so comfortable after how kindly she helped me that I ended up loving pediatrics and became full-time staff on this unit. 

From Care Partners to Monitor Techs to other Nurses and Patients, we are all thankful for having her!