Heather Hendrickson
December 2017
Emergency Department
Capital Health Regional Medical Center
United States




Heather is a highly dedicated and compassionate nurse. She demonstrates a strong commitment to her profession and the care of her patients.  She has a tremendous ability to connect with her patients and serve as an effective advocate for her patients as well as any patient within the emergency department. A perfect example of this just occurred.  Heather was caring for a homeless woman who was refusing any social work assistance or going to the mission, she wanted to go out on her own.  Heather went over to the gift shop and purchased slippers and gloves for the woman before she left.  The nurse who she was orienting saw what Heather had done and gave the woman a pair of her own sneakers since the shoes she was wearing were torn and falling off.  This is the character that Heather displays and how it ripples through the department.

On many occasions, Heather has gone above and beyond to care for not only her patients but others as well. Heather can be walking by and notice someone may be cold, so she gets them a blanket or they are hungry and she makes it her mission to see to it that they have something to eat or takes the time to explain why they may not be able to eat.  In addition to her compassion is her clinical expertise.  Heather holds herself to a very high standard in the quality of care she provides to her patients and works to lift others to that same level.  Again, this goes beyond just the care she offers to her patients.  She can be walking past a room and notice a patient decompensating and she will step right in and initiate whatever care is needed and get the necessary resources to care for the patient.  Heather is a true team player in all aspects, whether it is assisting a co-worker with a patient or helping out when the ED is short staffed or even lending her ear to a co-worker who may be having life or work troubles; she is always there.

Heather’s positive, “can do” attitude and professionalism are always on display in the emergency department.  She consistently maintains a professional attitude even when faced with very trying times.  Heather is often called on to assist in the training of new staff within the department.  She’s an excellent mentor to new nurses and staff in the department and truly feels a responsibility for the staff she trains to assure that they provide the level of care that she expects from herself.

Over the years I have seen all types of nurses but Heather stands out as truly exceptional and is an unreplaceable asset to this emergency department and hospital as a whole.