Heather Branam

Heather Branam, BSN, RN

Labor and Delivery
Kettering Health: Kettering Medical Center
Kettering, Ohio
United States
She talked me through it, counting, helping me to breathe, and kept me calm.

I received extraordinary care during the labor and delivery of my son from nurse Heather Branam and the entire care team. Heather was a friendly and smiling face who welcomed my husband and me the moment we arrived for our scheduled induction. Her calm demeanor immediately put us at ease at a time when we were both very nervous. She explained each step of the process to me before it happened and was able to answer all of our questions, which gave me confidence in her ability to provide great care to us. When my pain escalated, Heather called upon anesthesia right away to quickly place my epidural. She kept in close contact with my doctor during labor and was able to update me frequently, which provided me reassurance. When my labor started to progress rapidly, Heather sprang into action preparing the room with equipment, calling the doctor and keeping me calm.

When complications arose during my delivery, Heather called in "the team" of respiratory therapists and other nurses to quickly tend to me and my baby. My son's shoulder was stuck during delivery and Heather was able to communicate precise instructions to me so I knew exactly what I needed to do. She talked me through it, counting, helping me to breathe, and kept me calm. She helped guide my husband so he knew what to do to support me as well.

When my son came out not crying, it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I owe everything to the teamwork of my doctor, nurse Heather, and the rest of the care team working together. They each knew exactly what needed to be done to save my baby. Looking back, I realize they created an amazing delivery experience for me and my family, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Heather followed up with me the next day when I was on the mother baby unit, just to see how I was doing and to allow me to process everything that happened the night before. When I spoke to my doctor the next day, he also gave Heather praise and told me how well she did in assisting him. Her keeping me calm and focused allowed the doctor to do what he needed without distraction. My husband and mother were in the delivery room as well, and both felt like Heather was an amazing nurse, and are extremely appreciative of the care she provided to me and our baby boy. We all feel that she definitely deserves the DAISY Award.