Heather Blessing
July 2015
Acute Pediatric
University of Virginia Health System
United States




My daughter was admitted this week for DHE treatment. During this time she needed multiple IVs and lots of different medications to mitigate the side effects of the DHE infusions. She developed a nasty side effect called dystonia-She had to have a working IV at all times to be able to give her the medication to treat it. When Heather came on shift, she made sure that the IV nurse came straight away for a new line. Unfortunately, it was very positional and Heather spent a great amount of time working with my daughter, making sure that her line was working. This included multiple dressing changes, saline flushes, and attempting different ways of stabilizing her IV in order to avoid another needle stick, as well as maintaining her safety in the face of cervical dystonia and torticollis.

Heather was kind and compassionate at all times. She went way out of her way to make sure that my daughter was safe, and helped make sure that she wouldn't panic in the face of very scary medication side effects. It was under Heather's expert care that my daughter received the most of her DHE treatments. It was so reassuring to know that a practitioner like Heather was on the job providing excellent care for the most important person in my world.