Heather Bienkowski

Heather Bienkowski

Heather Bienkowski, BSN, RN

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States
Heather finds opportunities to help us learn and grow while creating better patient outcomes.

Heather is one in a million. From her exceptional leadership skills to being able to jump in without hesitation – she's always there to lend a hand and help our team. To help educate our staff, Heather spends her downtime compiling information, ensuring resources are easily accessible in the NICU. Whether you're a new graduate trying to improve your skills or a transfer nurse who is new to the unit, she's there to provide guidance.

As team leader, she finds opportunities to help us learn and grow, while creating better patient outcomes. Heather holds us accountable and challenges our team daily. She gives you that extra boost of confidence in times of need. It's hard to explain what Heather means to our unit, we're grateful to have her.

Heather's manager added: As team leader of the NICU, Heather can be counted on to manage our nightly operations – a difficult position in a dynamic, high-risk environment. She's approachable, skilled and able to have crucial conversations during the most difficult times. Heather is a mentor, leader and valuable resource to the NICU. We are so proud of her. She is a true DAISY Nurse.