Heather Baka
April 2017
Ortho / Trauma / Burn Unit
UPMC Mercy
United States




Heather is a special kind of nurse. She often reminds us of Patch Adams whereas she always has fun, quirky ideas to lighten the patients' moods. One day she had a burn patient who had been on the unit for a while. She declared in the morning that everyone was invited to join them for a dance and pizza party in his room at 1:00 pm. Another slightly demented patient who was being watched in the nurse’s station was enamored by her and she invited him also. The smile on his face was priceless. Sure enough at 1:00 pm, Heather and her burn patient are walking the halls with a roving dance party. She asked her patient what kind of music he listened to and pulled it up on her phone. They did arm and leg exercises and did several laps around the unit. They were both having a great time and laughing while getting some exercise. After the dance party the patient thanked her and told her that was the most fun he'd had in a while.

Heather is a great asset to our unit and she not only makes the patients smile, she makes the staff smile too.