Haley Barnard

Haley Barnard, RN

Burn Unit
Mercy Health - St. Vincent Medical Center
Toledo, Ohio
United States

Haley Barnard works the Burn Unit. One day, she worked 7P-7A. While she was emotionally struggling when she came in- a leader emerged. We needed her to help us as a resource for EPIC, the discharge process, printing face sheets, order entry, you name it, she did it. Burn Unit had been relocated on 2C. She was a resource for the entire inpatient unit for 2 weeks. I was here working nights. She worked hard doing patient care, running to 3B to program phones, helped on the 7th floor, and much much more. She has only been a nurse for a year. I was so proud of how she rose to the occasion, like a proud parent. She received compliments from my director, my CNO, managers of other units, central staffing and the nursing supervisor.