Haiden Brand

Haiden Brand

Haiden Brand, RN

Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Haiden kept me company and kept me warm for almost 2 hours while the accident scene was processed, she then drove me home!

I was in a frightening 4-car, 1 semi-accident on I-80 in October. My car was crushed between a semi and the concrete median. Luckily, I escaped most physical injury. After I forced my way out of my car, I was approached by a young woman who I would eventually learn was Haiden Brand.

Haiden had worked her way to each car to check on the status of the occupants. The other cars already had people assisting them, so she eventually made her way to me. At the time, I felt fairly fine even though I came very close to suffering serious injury or worse. Haiden was kind enough to pull her car behind mine and offered to let me stay warm in her car (with the added benefit of recharging my phone so I could make calls!). I realize now how dazed I must have been. 

Haiden was caring, compassionate, and a pleasure to have around. I had not dressed correctly for a multi-vehicle pile-up and was absolutely freezing. She kept me company and kept me warm for almost 2 hours while the accident scene was processed.

Haiden then drove me home! I cannot thank Haiden enough for her time and compassion. I can only imagine what an awesome NICU nurse she must be. I will never be able to drive up on an accident and not think of how I might be of help to someone else, and that is all thanks to Haiden. Please extend my utmost thanks to Haiden Brand. I don't mean to embarrass her in any way, but I am grateful for her caring and understanding. I just think the world needs more human beings like her.