Hagit Arwas

Hagit Arwas, BSN, RN

ED Nursing
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

I am one of the MDs attending and I also did my residency here at Penn. Over the past year I have had consistently stellar interactions with several nurses in the ED but Hagit Arwas in particular stand out.
Last night, Hagit gave me a more thorough, organized, detailed and focused story on a patient I admitted from the ED. When I found out Hagit was the nurse caring for the patient involved, I actually called her to hear her version of the story. I had this confidence because of many prior experiences. She consistently displays a stellar level of professionalism. Her patients have relayed the same feedback to me. I could relay many specific incidents just in the few patients we have shared. She is a truly compassionate caring nurse even in the face of the many stresses and difficulties you face. You are lucky to have her as a part of your staff.