H5-Telemetry/Cardiology at Henry Ford Hospital

The Nursing Staff of H5-Telemetry/Cardiology

H5-Telemetry/Cardiology at Henry Ford Hospital

H5- Telemetry/Cardiology
Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Gwen Gnam, MSN, RN; Erika Simpson, MSN, RN, CMSRN; Vincy George, BSN, RN; Maria Paraschiv-Buican, BSN, RN; Alice Andrews, MSN, RN, CMSRN; Rhea Caballero, BSN, RN; Tia Hill, Unit Secretary; Celine Dominic, ADN, RN; Denise Robinson, MBA, MSN, RN; Bryan McCormick, ADN, RN; Eduardo Alves, BSN, RN; Suzana Radonjic, BSN, RN; Akia Biery, Nurse Assistant; Glenda Davidson, RN; Scott Haener, ADN, RN; Michelle Heard, Nurse Assistant; Sidney Clifton, Nurse Assistant; Alfonzo Smith, Nurse Assistant; Valerie Fantinic, RN; Emilie Selma, RN; Ceirra Hill, Nurse Assistant; Sameera Stephens; Nick Beauchemin, RN

People who choose to work in healthcare, typically do so because of an overwhelming need to help others.  As we care for our patients and their families, some of their stories touch us in such a way that we feel compelled to do more.  That need to help becomes ignited and we come together to try to ease the burden that our patients and families may be experiencing as a result of illness.  2017 gave H5 many very distinct opportunities to go above and beyond to care for them and give back.

Our advanced heart failure patients are frequently readmitted throughout the year.  We get to know them fairly well and they become like family to us.  This story is no different.  One of our LVAD patient’s health had started to decline over the summer.  His daughter was planning her wedding, but since his health was declining, they were afraid that he would not live long enough to make it to the wedding date.  His only wish was that he would be able to give his daughter away in marriage.  After deciding to go into hospice care, the family asked to have a small “ceremony” in the hospital room if possible so that the patient could participate.  Our staff went into action, not only to try fulfilling their request but to put on as real a wedding as possible. The patient’s nurse was Bryan McCormick.

The staff contacted the Care Experience Department.  In collaboration with Patient Advocate, Sameera Stephens, the House Manager Nick Beauchemin, RN, the chaplain was notified, the chapel was made available, donations were collected from the staff, decorations were put up, food was ordered, and a wedding commenced.  The patient was escorted to the chapel by his nurse, Bryan, and his doctor. Saleem and the patient happily “walked” his daughter down the aisle and gave her away.  Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the place.  The patient and his family were so grateful for everything. Days later, our patient made his transition, but our H5 family was very proudly able to give one last wish to our lost family member.