Greta Cuccia

Greta Cuccia

Greta Cuccia, RN, BSN, CEN

Emergency Room
Suburban Hospital - Johns Hopkins Medicine
Bethesda, Maryland
United States

Here are some excerpts from the many nominations Greta received:

Greta is the epitome of a nursing leader.  She exudes leadership, commitment, compassion, dependability, and goodness to not only her staff but patients as well.

Greta always goes above and beyond.

She is always there willing to help with anything at any time.

Greta fosters an environment of independence for staff and for us to be compassionate to the patients and families.

She has changed the environment in an indisputable way—teamwork is evident and palpable.

She commands respect not through words, but through initiative and humility.

Because she has so much respect from her staff, Greta is able to guide and motivate others so share her vision without coercion or force.

She equips staff with knowledge and confidence allowing them to tap into their fullest potential, and regale in their own achievements.

Thankful for her guidance and encouragement to reach a goal I didn’t even think was possible.

The ED has high patient satisfaction percentages and low staff turnover.  It is because of Greta we stay and continue to thrive as a unit.