Greeba Barnett

Greeba Barnett

Greeba Barnett, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - St. Francis Hospital
Federal Way, Washington
United States

Greeba is an outstanding example of what a human being should be. Day in and day out, I watch her interactions with patients and staff. The compassion she shows our patients and their family is an amazing experience to witness. Greeba takes charge of situations showing our patient's that our staff are highly skilled and trained to manage any and all situations. Two situations I would like to comment on are one's that have touched me emotionally.

First, there was a code blue. The family could not cope with what was happening and they had to be in the room. Greeba made sure to have them as much a part of the code as they could be. The way she treated this family brought tears to my eyes. If I were to ever be in that situation I know I would need her.

Second, there was a horrible car accident. This patient was extremely critical. This patient injury's were extremely hard to look at and deal with. The man's wife was in complete shock as she watched our staff get to work trying to save his life. Greeba as always, showed so much compassion for this woman and took charge not only for the patient's care, but also for the emotional care of his wife. She comforted this woman, made sure she was able to sit close enough while not in the way of our team's hard work. After stabilizing the patient and waiting for his transfer she continued to help the patient and wife stay calm. The patient's injury's were very severe, but knowing the patient would go into shock knowing what his injuries looked like she made sure to comfort the patient and assure him he was in good care and we were getting him to the trauma center he needed to be in. Greeba is able to calm even the worst situations.