NU 3 B (Medical-Surgical)
VA Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Houston, Texas
United States

Besides being a regular day-shift charge nurse on 3NU 3B, Mrs. Obi acts as a mentor and preceptor to many new nurses on the floor. An Example of her demonstrating compassionate care is a time when she had a patient to be discharged that evening. When it was time for discharge Mrs. Obi did not feel that the patient was ready to be discharge due to his decreased activity level and mental state.

Mrs. Obi notified the FLOAT on call about the situation and refused to send the patient home in that condition. The next day I found out that a rapid response code was called on that patient that same night and the patient was transferred to MICU.

If it was not for Mrs. Obi’s nursing judgment and persistence, this patient could have possibly died.