Gina Hendry

Gina Hendry, RN II, ASN, Clinical Char

Cape Canaveral Hospital

The night was particularly crazy, which should not be unexpected in an ICU. However, a very young lady was a patient in the unit, on the verge of bleeding to death. If any fortune can be found in this situation, it would be that the nurse caring for this young lady was Gina Hendry.

Immediately upon the patient’s arrival to the ICU, Gina knew that there was something gravely wrong. The patient began to deteriorate very quickly, and Gina knew she could not leave this patient’s bedside. This patient was bleeding, and as the patient continued to bleed Gina kept the physicians informed of her condition. Throughout the night, after multiple transfusions, medications, fluid boluses, and three trips to the OR, the issue was resolved, and the bleeding abated. Had it not been for the team of nurses caring for this patient, with Gina at the lead, she would not have survived.

Gina’s involvement with this young lady is not limited to her clinical expertise and care. Gina was instrumental in keeping the family informed of their daughter’s condition and allowing them time at the bedside when possible. They were able to remain calm and collected because Gina cared enough to tend to their needs as well.

There are so many ways one could describe an individual’s dedication to excellence, advocacy skills, extraordinary care, skillful communication, healing presence, and ability to work on a team. The best description that I can provide is that this young lady left our hospital alive, restored, and on her way to her own home. That speaks volumes about the kind of care she received from Gina Hendry in her most critical hours. What is even more impressive is that Gina provides this level of care to every patient, every time.