Gina Bigante

Gina Bigante

Gina Bigante, RN

Hematology Oncology
UPMC Shadyside
Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania
United States
Gina singlehandedly made me feel like I can handle this. She turned my 4 days of sad crying into tears of gratefulness.

I do not know what the word is to describe Gina, but I know that GREAT does not suffice.

I have suffered from cancer for the past 14 months. I have fought and will continue to fight even though last Friday it was determined the Chemotherapy I had been receiving, was causing me to be sicker and it was stopped.

I have been an emotional wreck ever since and then developed horrible pain last night. After being in the ER, in pain and tearful for what felt like hours I was admitted to 7 Main. As I got off the elevator and was being wheeled to my room, I looked at the nurses' station and saw Gina and she saw me. It was clear she remembered me from a previous admission, and she gave me a big welcoming smile. Soon, I found out she would be my nurse and I was slightly relieved. Throughout the night I would learn just how lucky I was.

I do not want to say I was mean, but I was hurting and scared and had many questions. Gina stayed pleasant, attentive, and answered every single question. She did not just answer them with a politically correct medical response but instead, sat and talked and taught me things about my disease, the infection, and pain. I know she was busy, I saw her moving up and down the hall all night but every time she was in my room, she made me seem like I was the only one that mattered.

She listened while I told her stories about my favorite musician, which always brightens my spirits. Gina singlehandedly made me feel like I can handle this. She turned my 4 days of sad crying into tears of gratefulness.


It has taken me a considerable amount of time to gather my thoughts to speak about Gina.

My wife went through a couple of days that were quite challenging. Gina was there for each of the difficult times my wife experienced. She not only attended to my wife's personal needs but went above the call of duty in making calls to surgeons when my wife had been on the schedule to have a port put in and then we were told later that she would not.

My wife's condition was not good and she had fasted all day with little liquid to have the surgery. When Gina tried to draw blood that evening, it was almost impossible. She used her nursing technique to draw blood even though little was forthcoming.

I could go on and on about her nursing skills, but her compassion for not only my wife but also me was truly uplifting.

Having to deal with a husband who was beside himself when told his wife would not have a port put in that day only made Gina stronger for attending to my wife's needs and mine.

She deserves my highest, heartfelt thanks for making a difficult time a more acceptable experience for my wife and me! Thanks, Gina!