Geraldine Haughton

Geraldine Haughton

Geraldine Haughton, NP

NYC Health + Hospitals - Kings County
Brooklyn, New York
United States
“When he speaks about Ms. Haughton, I can feel the respect and trust he has in her.”

Ms. Haughton has been my father's NP since he started at the geriatric clinic. When he speaks about her, I can feel the respect and trust he has in her and if you knew my father, this is hard to earn. For him, he would rather see her than a regular doctor any day.


Ms. Haughton takes care of my diabetes and HTN. When I miss the clinic, the clinic calls and asks, 'Why are you missing it? It is not good." She is always on my back. I am doing dialysis now and she quarrels with me stating I should not be there. "You only take meds when you're not feeling well." She sent me to different clinics--podiatry, eye, etc.

Ms. Haughton keeps track of my care. She is a caring person. When my mother was alive, I brought her in the same geriatric clinic with Ms. Haughton. She checks to make sure I am keeping up with my appointments.