Genorika "GiGi" Buckner

Genorika "GiGi" Buckner

Genorika "GiGi" Buckner, RN

Labor and Delivery
Medical Center, Navicent Health
Macon, Georgia
United States

Photo (l-r): Diane Bloodworth, RN - Director L&D; GiGi Buckner, DAISY Nurse; Judy Paull, RN, CNO

My nurse in labor and delivery was Gi Gi. She was so awesome! You could really tell that she loves what she does. She made me more than comfortable.
Every time I needed something she got it right away. More than half the time I did not even ask for something and she already had it for me. And she was also watching others patients while they took a break.
She works really hard and does an excellent job. And after pushing for two hours she and my husband kept motivating me that I could do it. And I did it. And when I had visitors she acknowledged them and was friendly. And my baby’s name is Georgia Lynn G.
I want Gi Gi to know that Georgia’s nickname is going to be GG. Me and my husband talked about it and decided that we were nicknaming Georgia “GG” because of Gi Gi. And I really feel like she needs a raise to acknowledge her hard work and show her how much we appreciate her. And I asked who to tell about how great she was and she wouldn’t say but the trainee mid-wife that was with her told me.

GiGi is an excellent nurse who is attentive to her patients, always puts them first and includes them in all processes of care. She is caring, compassionate and definitely makes a difference at the bedside. GiGi’s supervisor and her peers were very proud of her nomination from this patient – and all supported the fact that she truly puts the patient first, allows them to make their own decisions when possible and is an excellent teacher.