Genorika "GiGi" Buckner

Genorika "GiGi" Buckner

Genorika "GiGi" Buckner, RN

Labor and Delivery
Medical Center, Navicent Health
Macon, Georgia
United States

...I was admitted to the Medical Center of Central Georgia on 12/14 due to early contractions and a high risk pregnancy. A week later, on bed rest at the facility, I went into preterm labor and nature made a turn in my life; my daughter did not survive. However, the care that I received at the Medical Center brings me to why I am writing this letter.

While in the care of many of the staff in Labor and Delivery, there was one RN that touched my heart. Her name is Genorika "GiGi" Buckner. During my long stay at the hospital, this young lady really made a great impression on me, my husband and family. When she first entered my room she was smiling and this sweet person just took my hands and spoke to me as if I were a longtime friend. She talked to me about any concerns I had, answered questions that I or my family was unsure about; she even took the time out to visit me when she was working with other patient. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met this young lady.

Miss Buckner is an individual that you can tell loves her job. From the care she gave me (bathing me, administering my medication, addressing my problems), to concern shown for me and my baby, the attention shown to me and my husband, back and forth making sure I was comfortable the many hours of being on bed rest and in pain. I could not have asked for a better nurse.

GiGi was great. She is sweet, loving, kind-hearted, and patient. I can truly say she was there for me and my family. Miss Buckner knows her job well. And I noticed even her coworkers appreciate her very highly.

I remember when I was taken to Anesthesiology and just as we entered the room, I heard someone say, "Hi GiGi, I didn't know you were working today. I am happy to see you." At that moment I was happy to know that others had this happy feeling to see and work with her. It just brought tears to my eyes to know that I had a nurse that was still with me as I was brought to be put under anesthesia for a minor procedure.

I don't know how many times I said thank you to her. She treated me like a friend. From all the visits and conversations I had with the residents, other nurses, doctors, neonate, GiGi was there to reassure me that everything was going to be done in the best manner possible. I can't thank her enough.

I tell you that the Medical Center of Central Georgia has a good reputation of care but I am here to say you have a great and awesome nurse that needs to be recognized for her hard work, sweet personality, and care given to her patients.