Gail Snyder

Gail Snyder

Gail Snyder, RN

Saint Alphonsus Medical Group OB/GYN Mulvaney
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center - Boise
Boise, Idaho
United States
Gail's presence in my time of most need is something that I will never forget.

Gail Snyder of St. Al's OBGYN, might be my guardian angel. As a nurse myself I truly believe that this woman exemplifies everything that we as nurses should aspire to be.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I was here in Idaho, newly married and 3,000 miles from home. I called the OBGYN and made an appointment and spoke to Gail who coached me through the fear and excitement and gave me a few tips on what supplements to take. Later on, when I felt something might be wrong she believed me and helped me to get an appointment sooner for an ultrasound.

She greeted my husband and I that morning and shared our excitement. Just 3 hours after our ultrasound I miscarried at home alone. When my husband couldn't pick up I called the office and asked for Gail. Her voice and words swirled around me holding my brokenness together. She spoke not only with professionalism but with empathy and compassion that filled my hollowness so that I could get up.

When I went to the office the next day to have blood drawn she gave me a hug and held my hand as I cried. She took me aside into a quiet room and gave me information on grief and loss as well as time to calm down.

Gail's presence in my time of most need is something that I will never forget. As all nurses know, our job is a gift much more than educating, assessing, and sharing knowledge with our patients. Good nurses do all of those things. But a great nurse is one whose touch lasts long after discharge. Someone who can bring hope where there's none and who is truly with you where you are in your journey. Gail was and will always be all of those things to me, my husband, and our angel. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.