Gabriela Bures

Gabriela Bures

Gabriela Bures, RN, BSN

Pulmonary Telemetry
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, California
United States

Gabby was here for me the first full night of my stay when I was still very much confused and ignorant of my condition. I had a lot of questions which Gabby patiently answered and explained. I was having tests done that I wasn't familiar with and Gabby could sense that I was anxious. She kept a close and attentive eye on me, which put me at ease. She smiled a lot and never tired of me asking questions nor hesitated to find something out for me. She was very thorough when giving me information or instructions and she seemed to sense I was uncomfortable or nervous/anxious. Gabby kept me very well informed, which helped calmed my nerves and mind. I was disappointed when she said her shift wouldn't include my room the next day but I wanted her to know how much she impacted my stay that first, lonely night when everything was all new to me. I appreciated that very much.

From Gabby's Nurse Manager, Tanya Haight:

Gabby is a nurse whose concern for her patient's well-being comes first. She is often seen spending time at the bedside providing education to her patients and tending to their needs. Though the demands on a nurse's time are many these days, Gabby's patients are her priority and they know this. Her gentle and reassuring manner allays the stress and anxiety that can accompany a hospital stay. In fact, patients often compliment Gabby on her ability to calm and reassure them and they know she is their advocate. When a patient calls, whether she is their nurse or someone else's, Gabby is the first to respond. She answers their questions and if she does not know the answer, she will find out - and she does. As a Tele/Pulmonary nurse, Gabby is greatly appreciated by her coworkers for her willingness to help them even when she is busy herself. This spirit of cheerful cooperation and teamwork is what endears her to anyone who works with her. I am proud to have Gabby as a nurse on this unit. I know our patients are in good hands - both literally and figuratively!