Frank Crum

Frank Crum

Frank Crum, RN

Union Hospital of Cecil County
Elkton, Maryland
United States
He was gentle with her and calmed her down.

Frank went above and beyond making sure my pain and swelling were under control.  He was so kind to my family making sure they knew exactly what was going on with my care.  My 6-year-old enjoyed "helping".  The way I was treated made me feel like they truly cared about my needs.  I just can't say enough about how great he is.  He is definitely a great asset to Union Hospital.


Frank gave my mother exceptional care.  He was very attentive and compassionate towards her.  She was having grave difficulty trying to use the bed side commode.  He was gentle with her and calmed her down.  He also put an adult diaper on her for modestly and dignity.  He would always say thank you to her when he was doing something for her such as checking her IV.  He is a fantastic nurse!