Francina DeLos Reyes

Francina DeLos Reyes

Francina DeLos Reyes, RN

Operating Room
West Houston Medical Center
Houston, Texas
United States

Francina DeLos Reyes is a nurse with a genuine heart of compassion and love and care. While my husband was being wheeled to the operating room, I kept crying and could not contain my deep worry and anxiety over my husband's condition. Even though she doesn't know me, Francina hugged me tight to make me feel I am not alone in my saddest and lowest state. The hug meant so much to me. It kept my sanity!  I felt somebody is feeling what I am feeling at that very moment. Only would a nurse with true compassion and concern could show what she had shown and for this, I am truly grateful.

After the operation, Francina even came to visit my husband to know how he is doing. It means a lot to us!  West Houston is lucky to have such kind of a nurse. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Francina.


Note: This is Francina's 2nd DAISY Award!