Foley Cancer Center Nursing Team at Rutland Regional Medical Center

Foley Cancer Center Nursing Team

Foley Cancer Center Nursing Team at Rutland Regional Medical Center

Foley Cancer Center
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Rutland, Vermont
United States
Holly Fox, RN, OCN; Lindsey Munger, RN, OCN; Kendra Hollister, BSN, RN, OCN; Jessica Jackson, RN, OCN; Crystal Bennick, BSN, RN, RN-BC, CRNI; Stacy Kovatch, RN, OCN

The nursing team of the Foley Cancer Center embodies the best in nursing care, empathy, compassion, and sense of humor all rolled into one.

Day one of chemotherapy introduced me to one of my rocks. Lindsey was the first nurse I met and the first to access my port. While I may have appeared calm, I was really anxious, but her smile and calming explanation of what was going to happen made it easier. What I wasn’t expecting was her exceptionally high standard of compassionate care, but it was clearly the type of nurse she was, all the time.

As the weeks went by I got to meet and know more of the nurses on a professional and a little personal level.  When they had time, they would sit and talk, making me know they cared and made me feel a part of the RRMC medical family. Their attitudes and actions were always positive with every patient I saw them care for. I cannot remember how many times they went out of their way to patiently care for the needs of those around me with warm blanket after warm blanket. It was so natural for them, absolutely second nature, meeting as many special needs as possible. Never once did I see any nurse with a frown; instead it was smiles for everyone, every day.

Several weeks into treatment, nausea began to get the best of me. I was tired, discouraged and wondering how I was ever going to get through to the end.  During my next treatment, I was feeling so terrible that Stacy suggested and ordered more fluids to boost my hydration. What a difference; it was like night and day and helped keep me better hydrated, ultimately making a huge difference in my overall health during these treatments.

Then Lindsay found out about my sweet tooth and love for orange Creamsicles.  She made sure I got one with every treatment. I called it our ice cream party time and many patients enjoyed this time with me.

Almost at the end of my therapy, the news that I couldn't have a treatment due to a low blood count was discouraging and my face was like an open book. Every nurse I saw that day took time to reassure me that this happens, not to get upset, and we would get back on track, and we did.

Somehow the Creamsicles were no longer stocked in the FCC freezer. I got pretty attached and they were certainly my favorite and was missing them. When I thought no other acts of kindness or compassion were possible, I was left speechless; after my last radiation treatment, now 8 months into this battle, I was met in the hallway by Lindsay with, yes, a Creamsicle. She brought tears to my eyes.

Watching closely during my infusions I realized I was not the only one feeling this way. I could see the reaction from every patient they touched and cared for, knowing they would agree this was a team of DAISY Nurses.

A key piece with this team is their nursing leader, Holly. Without strong leaders, great teams do not happen. They clearly follow her example of integrity and superior service. She always managed to check in with patients to see how they were doing every time I was there. They are truly a caring, devoted special group of nurses and each of them will always hold a special place in my heart. I could not have asked for any better or more compassionate care.