Florence Kibe

Florence Kibe, RN

6 West, Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

I came to UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center for Phase 2 of Epilepsy Electrode Implantation. Florence was my nurse almost every night and she always got me what I asked for. As I continued my stay in the hospital, after a while, she had what I needed memorized and therefore anticipated my needs before I asked. When I was feeling down she talked to me. We had great conversations and she helped me realize I have potential. She also helped me work through some issues I was having at the time. She was so funny; always joking around with me and my family. She was fantastic! From what I have seen her do; this nurse is smart, strong, kind, and did not judge me.
I related to her and felt as if she was my friend. When she gave me shots she talked to me to distract me from seeing the needle and it helped me much. I was always excited to see her. I felt more comfortable around her than I have ever in the past felt with any other nurse. This says a lot because I have seen a very large number of nurses and no one compares to her. She loves her job and is dedicated to helping all of her patients.