Rita Kebede
August 2019
Firewoini "Rita"
Inpatient Psychiatry
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Rita is an excellent nurse. She is much respected by her co-workers and is the kind of nurse you want to work with and care for your family. Once, one of our known psych patients showed up at our door and was not doing well. Rita took the time to walk him down to APS and helped him get settled and admitted there. She easily does many jobs and does them all well; triage, working on the unit and being a preceptor.
Rita is known by all staff for her integrity, critical thinking skills, (you want Rita to be with you in a crisis) and her excellent communication skills, which are a must in psychiatry. She is one of the most caring nurses I know, and patients love her for it. She also makes other staff feel like we are a team, which is so important in psychiatry. She is compassionate and such a strong advocate for her patients. If there was a picture of a great nurse, it would be of Rita.