Felicia Kilgore
February 2019
Emergency Department
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Felicia consistently embodies what it means to be a DAISY Nurse at UVA. I have had the pleasure of interacting with her several times in patient handoffs from the emergency department to the PICU. She is always very in-tune to her patients and is an excellent patient advocate. She is a team player who goes above and beyond for her patients as well as other staff members. She is compassionate and connects with her patients, even in the short time they spend in the ED with her.
Last night, Felicia took care of a little girl who was involved in a motor vehicle collision, who also lost her mother in that same collision. She connected with the patient as they discussed Christmas wishes. Tonight, Felicia brought the patient a new Barbie doll. My patient was overjoyed with the gift and has been talking about the doll all night. This small act of kindness meant the world to the patient and family during this difficult time. Felicia selflessly made a difference in this patient's Christmas and her hospital stay.