Ewa Bogacz

Ewa Bogacz

Ewa Bogacz, RN, BSN, CCRN, CSC, CMC

Intensive Care Unit
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
Melrose Park, Illinois
United States
Ewa took time to get to know T and his personality, so she could better interact with him and tailor his care.

My uncle, T, was admitted to Gottlieb after suffering a heart attack.  T's family lives out of state so his family care fell to his local nieces and nephews.

Ewa became T's SICU nurse and remained his constant nurse throughout his time in ICU.  During this time, Ewa took immediate responsibility for T (calling him "my patient") and was always present for him.  She ensured that her schedule allowed for daily continuity of care for T, a practice that I wish all hospitals adopted!  Ewa took time to get to know T and his personality, so she could better interact with him and tailor his care.  She helped us locate T's belongings and ensure that his belongings (keys, wallet, phone, etc.) were accounted for by noting who's got what in his chart, again, a practice that all hospitals should adopt.  Ewa took the time to update T's family of his progress in person and/or by phone. If she was unavailable to speak with the family on the phone, she always called them back.  She also arranged for the surgeons/doctors to call the family with medical updates.  She ensured that T's wishes were carried out.  Because there were family issues, she strongly recommended the help of the hospital's social services.  She took the time to learn all the family/friend names like she was a personal friend of T's.  Overall, we were extremely comfortable with T's care because of Ewa!

While my uncle was in the hospital, my brother (T's nephew) went into cardiac arrest and was being cared for in a different hospital.  We told Ewa about what happened to my brother and advised that we weren't going to tell T about what happened until he got better and could handle the news.  She kept our "secret" and anytime we visited T or called for an update on T, Ewa ALWAYS asked how my brother was doing.  Who does that?  Ewa does because she is a caring provider.  Ewa also told us about a new anti-anxiety medication that was very effective on T that may help my brother who was also suffering from anxiety.  As T was getting better, Ewa ensured T's safety while he was getting out of bed, eating and walking around in the room with his walker.

We were so satisfied with T's care that my family and I wish we could have taken Ewa to care for my brother in the other hospital.  I also loved the comment T made about Ewa saying that if he lived with her, he would live to be 300 years old (LOL).

My family and I admire her for the loving care and pride she takes in the care of her patients. Ewa is a true DAISY Nurse.