Evelyn Baylon

Evelyn Baylon, RN

4th Floor
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center
Sacramento, California
United States

“… this commendation letter for one of your nurses whose name is Evelyn Balyon. Can I just tell you what wonderful work she does and how I feel she goes way above her “nurses” duty. Every single evening she came with a great big smile on her face, which was wonderful. She always came and oiled my back which most nurses don’t do, because it’s not their job. But she washed and oiled my back then with a smile on her face she would ask me if there was anything else I needed. After she cleaned me up after I had done #2 on myself, or in the bedpan, she just makes you feel very good and not embarrassed about yourself when she cleans you as if you are an infant baby. Boy she’s great. I actually looked forward to seeing her every evening and when she’s not around she’s terribly missed. She always asks if there is something I want to eat or drink that she can get me. She’s just a great, wonderful, considerate, happy, fantastic nurse.”