Eva Chevreux

Eva Chevreux, RN

Banner University Medical Center - Tucson
Tucson, Arizona
United States

Eva Chevreux has been an RN at UMC since October of 2006. Eva is an outstanding professional nurse who is dedicated and committed to providing her patients with the very best care. She has expert clinical skills and is frequently called upon by other staff members to assist with them with clinical issues and technical advice.

Eva cares for each and every patient with compassion and empathy. She strives to make each patient feel as though they are her only patient and established a rapport with them and their family. Eva has been recognized by patients on post operative discharge phone calls as well as patient satisfaction surveys for her caring and coner.

Letter from patient's mother:

My 2-year olf daughter, Makayla, was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to undergo daily radiation treatments at UMC. Because she was so young, she required general anesthesia everyday. Although this was a very tough 30-day stretch for Makayla she was blessed to wake up to Eva in the PACU. Not only did Makayla receive the highest level of care from EVA but she was also loved unconditionally on her good days and bad. Eva always made sure that Makayla had everything she wanted when she woke up. This meant ordering items from other departmetns and keeping a stash of Makayla's favorites int he PACU fridge. Eva would walk us all to the car after discharge to make sure that we were all ok and had everything we needed. Eva also made sure that on the days that she was not working the other nurses knew exactly what Makayla wanted. Eva even purchased gifts for both Makayla and her sister to play with while they were waiting in the PACU.

Not only did Eva love Makayla and giver her the security she needed when waking up but Eva was also able to give us a parents a sense of security when we knew that Makayla was in her care. There were days that we would come in to hold Makayla and she would not want to leave Eva's arms. Eva was truly an angel in our families journey through the radiation therapy and we miss her smiling face and loving arms every morning. Eva truly goes above and beyond her job duties to make an impact in her patients lives!