Erin Campolo

Erin Campolo

Erin Campolo, RN

Upstate University Hospital
Syracuse, New York
United States

I have had the opportunity to partner with unit management on 4N in efforts to prevent pressure ulcer as part of the AHRQ sponsored project pilot unit. Once training was complete, the project relies on relentless persistence with bedside rounds and audits to give staff feedback and intervene early if we missed an element of prevention. In the midst of staffing crunch, the clinical trainer Erin Campolo didn't let getting pulled into the numbers stop her from spending an extraordinary amount of time rounding on all of the at risk patients, mentoring her peers, and advocating for patients. She has maintained an extraordinary commitment to patient safety when she had every reason to complain that the developing process was too time
consuming, but I never heard her complain once despite the fact that it really was time consuming and together we figured out ways to make it more efficient so the process could be rolled out to other units in the future. Her manager will tell you that this is typical for Erin.

She exemplifies the Upstate mission, vision, and values. She communicates respectfully and effectively with peers producing results in improved performance. Perhaps her consistently positive attitude and effective communication style are evidence of her ongoing pursuit of professional developments. She has attended leadership conferences and upstate development programs to advance her skills since becoming a clinical trainer.

On any given day, you can observe nurses in charge, but the difference with Erin is that she maintains a positive attitude despite overwhelming competing priorities and multitasks effectively to make sure there is always time for quality improvement projects including the time consuming proces! s of data collection and feedback to close the loop. She really is extraordinary.

Her patients will tell you that she is kind, caring, compassionate, and patient. What her patients don't know is that she is thinking about the care that all ther other patients are receiving, supervising, giving feedback, and advocating for all of them....but each single patient would never know because she communicates effectively with them so they feel so well care for.

While we expect all our nurses to provide great care and communicate effectively with others, Erin goes above and beyond. Her persistance with weekly rounds and daily supervision of pressure ulcer prevention has contributed to ZERO hospital acquired pressure ulcers since August. Three months of data confirms that leadership from frontline extraordinary nurses like Erin can make us all believe in Zero harm.

We thank Erin for the extraordinary care and leadership we are so fortunate to have on 4N.