Erika Green and Ann Sanderson

Erika Green and Ann Sanderson

Erika Green and Ann Sanderson, BSN, RN, CPEN

Children's Emergency Department
Vidant Medical Center - Greenville
Greenville, North Carolina
United States

I would like to nominate these Erika Greene and Ann Sanderson for their excellent response to a critically ill asthma patient in the Children's ED. The patient was 9 years old and had a history of asthma. Although he had some labored breathing he indicated that the episode was not that bad. As respiratory therapist was unavailable, Erika notified me and initiated treatment. Over the next hour, the patient failed to improve and, in fact, became acutely worse. His breathing worsened, he became agitated and rapidly decompensated. The patient was moved to the resuscitation area and both Erika and now Ann stepped in to respond to this patient. Both remained calm, professional and responded to this critically ill child.

As the case progressed Ann was able to start an IV in this agitated patient so that we could begin intensive treatment, with IV medications and intubation. Through their excellent care we were able to resuscitate and stabilize this patient. In the midst of the care, they provided reassurance to the mother, kind encouragement to the patient and support of the others on the team.

In my 19 years of emergency medicine this is one of the worse asthmatics for whom I have cared. I am convinced that without these two outstanding nurses, the patient would not have survived. What makes their dedication even more impressive is that neither was scheduled to work that night. Both signed up to work extra as the unit was short staffed. I truly believe that this patient was the reason they were working that night.

Nomination by Dr. Tim Reeder