Erica Turrentine

Erica Turrentine

Erica Turrentine, RN

Outpatient Surgery
Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States
Erica comforts them and makes them feel as if they are the only patient.

I have worked as a nurse in surgery at Palmetto Health Richland for 29 years. I have had the pleasure of working with Erica Turrentine, RN.

Erica was a circulating nurse in the OR and then became the Surgical Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator position was one that we have never had before. She took this position and excelled. She had to develop every concept of this job since it was a newly created position.

She keeps patients and family members informed of their upcoming surgery, puts them at ease and manages up the staff that will be involved in their surgery.  I have seen her give patient's family members cafeteria gift cards if they have been waiting a long time. She comforts them and makes them feel as if they are the only patient.

Just recently, Erica, always being an encourager and a champion for furthering education has taken on the task of preparing a free certification class. This class serves as a preparation for an upcoming certification class for the Operating Room nurses.  She has put in countless hours preparing modules to enable the volunteer instructors to present this information. This was all done on her own time and shows her true dedication to further nursing education. Erica is a true DAISY Nurse, thank you.