Endoscopy Team Award

Endoscopy Team Award

Endoscopy Team Award, RNs and more

Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

Our Endoscopy Unit has been running at the highest capacity ever over the past three years. The dedication of all team members, including the Schedulers, Entel Nurses, Procedure and Recovery Room Nurses, Aides, Techs, Secretary, Providers, and Managers who go above and beyond in every aspect of care. We have been challenged over the past several months with open positions but still we are able to provide superior care without missing a beat. As an Entel Nurse, I speak to many patients daily along with my colleagues. The patients thank us for taking the time to educate them on their procedure and making their appointment convenient on the day of their arrival to Lahey. Our Entel process has decreased same day cancellations to three percent. We are averaging approximately 60 cases per day. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful team of Endotechs who keep our equipment up and running to make our day run smoothly. Our schedulers work diligently with the Entel Nurses to book and rebook patients who need specialized sedation for their procedures or just need an earlier time of arrival. The patients that come in for their procedures comment frequently on the care, kindness, and efficiency provided to them by the entire staff.

The staff has gone above and beyond by coming in on their day off to help care for our patients. There is no better team that anyone could be part of. Thank you for all that you do for our patients and each other.

Team Members Honored with The DAISY TEAM Award:

Michael Johnson, RN, M.Ed

Tricia Buscemi, ASN, RN

Lucien Dorne, lead endoscopy technician

Nancy Morton, BS