Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins, RN, BSN

North Kansas City Hospital
North Kansas City, Missouri
United States

I nominate Emily Jenkins, RN from the Orthopedic unit as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. Emily exemplifies the kind of nurse that our patients, their families, and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model. Every time I see Emily work I am prompted to think of the DAISY Award.

Compassion: Emily works primarily on the night shift. This means the patients are at their most vulnerable. Their families, friends and doctors have gone home. They have eaten their last meal of the day. Their therapy is over and they are suddenly alone and, in many cases, on medications that cause them to not feel "normal." There is confusion, fear, anger, and frustration. And on top of everything else, there is illness and/or pain. No matter who is in need, if a patient calls out or there is a beeping sound corning from a room, Emily goes there. She is extremely patient, acting as if she is there for just that patient. She explains (often loudly due to hearing problems of elderly patients) that they are in the hospital. Emily asks the patient what they want. Emily will hold a hand or touch a forehead. That is compassion. She does not run away and say, "I'll be back when I have time." For that time, that person is all that exists. Perhaps it is her smile and touch that show her compassion for patients that need someone to care. That nurse is Emily. Emily does all of this without being asked. It is in her personal nature.

Accountable: Part of accountability in the health care industry is being here and READY to work. Emily is always early to arrive at work. You can count on her to be here extra early when she is filling in as charge nurse. What is so important about the last sentence regarding being charge nurse is that Emily is rarely scheduled as a charge nurse. Instead, Emily is called at the last minute when the scheduled charge nurse calls in. She is known as a "Relief'' charge nurse. So, instead of coming in and taking her group back or getting a new group, Emily is made aware at the last minute, via telephone call, that she will be in charge. Emily was given Y2 shift of training as a charge nurse, and was able to take on the full set of duties and responsibilities with less than 6 hours of charge nurse training. It does not shake her, make her angry, nor does it affect her professionalism. Emily does not make excuses. She is often the "rock" on the night shift. She does her work, without complaint, no matter which group she is given, or even if she is
accountable for everyone on the unit.

Intuitive: Adjectives for the word intuitive include perceptive, instinctive, and sensitive, just to name a few. All of these words describe Emily's ability to help everyone. She not only helps nurses, but is perceptive enough to realize when a tech, a secretary, a patient, or even a family member or doctor needs assistance. And Emily is RIGHT THERE offering to help. In this busy environment, many employees try to find ways to NOT help others. Being intuitive allows Emily to approach someone needing aid without having to

be asked. Just a tiny example is when a tech was carrying a huge load of supplies from the East end to the West end of the floor. Emily was right there to take half the load. And it did not affect her time as a charge nurse. She also senses when another nurse is scrambling to keep up and offers to help, often doing chart checks for other, busier nurses. She is able to because she is on top of her workload nearly every night.

Respected: Emily is respected because she gives respect to others. An example of the respect we have for Emily is that she was chosen to charge suddenly when the need arose for the very night she was being trained to be charge nurse. We respect Emily because she made it through the shift in a calm, collected, and professional manner. Her takeĀ­ charge demeanor does not affect her humble attitude about herself. This allows us to respect her even more. Working with, or for, Emily is a pleasure.

Clinically Skillful: Emily is a young nurse, but extremely skilled. For example, she volunteers to do catheters, hang blood, start IVs, or anything that is requested of her. Her skills are often sought when others are super busy. Emily's time management skills should be mentioned here. If she were not so super at managing her time, she would not have the time to help others. Emily is also sought after for upgrades and serves as a Super-User when new equipment or upgrades are done. Further, it is important to mention that Emily is an active member of the Education Council, where better ways and new learning are part of her career here.

Team Player: As either a charge or staff nurse, Emily is a team player. She regularly volunteers, yes volunteers to aid others. She also brings cakes, brownies, etc., just for treats. Right now, she is checking a nurse's charts and brought me an order to enter. She is a team player AND a team helper.

Decisive and Involved: Emily does not waver. She is sure of herself and sure of what is needed and when. As far as being involved, Emily works with everyone, treats everyone as a friend with just the right amount of closeness. If something needs to be done, Emily gets to it right away and without a fuss. Emily participates in all the shift dinners and parties and is especially generous, both with her kindness and by bringing food and gifts as appropriate.

Persistent: When a patient does not want to take a medication, consume fluids, or have to be catheterized, Emily will use her kindness to help the patient feel comfortable with what needs to be done. Her patience and tone make the patient feel important and smart. Emily takes whatever time is necessary to make a patient understand and take care of what needs to be done.

Caring: Emily is naturally a caring person. When a patient was "parked" out at the nursing station and being essentially ignored, Emily made sure to include her in the conversation as if she were part of the staff. It did not hurt the patient, but instead, even though confused and hallucinated, the patient was occupied, animated and smiling. The patient felt cared for and included.

Giving: The term, "Emily would give you the shirt off of her back if you wanted it," describes Emily. She is always presenting co-workers with gifts for their birthdays. If she is not as close to them, perhaps it is a cake or the fact that she remembers to tell you Happy Birthday, or "Have a Good Night." She is encouraging as well. As I was about to cry this evening over the amount of work and phone calls surrounding me, Emily smiled, patted me on the shoulder and said, "At least it's Friday. There aren't many surgeries tomorrow." Emily gives everything she's got. This applies to patient care, working with others, and being a leader-figure to those around her.

Emily deserves the DAISY Award because she exhibits each of the qualities highlighted above on a regular basis. I want Emily to receive the DAISY Award because of how good she makes everyone around her feel; me, patients, staff, visitors, EVERYONE. She makes us feel safe, comfortable, happy, and that we are in extremely capable hands. Emily is a natural as a nurse and as a leader.