Emily Haase

Emily Haase

Emily Haase, RN, BSN, CCRN

Henderson Hospital
Henderson, Nevada
United States
Emily truly cares, nursing is not just a job, it’s a calling.

Emily is an Intensive Care Nurse who always strives for greatness. She is a thoughtful, competent and decisive nurse who always places her patient’s wellbeing first. The pride she takes in being a nurse is evident in any conversation; she’s always reaching further and learning more about processes, procedures, and techniques to further enhance her knowledge base for the benefit of her patients.  The passion for her profession radiates from her core. She has been a patient preceptor to those newly assigned to the ICU ensuring her charges understand fully “WHY” they are accomplishing a task instead of just “getting it done”.  She presented some research she’d accomplished on her own pertaining to a subject which is crucial to the ICU.  In the research, she outlined the problem, alternate schools of thought and what her solution would be to combat this issue. Her soft-spoken thoughtful demeanor masks a passion for her profession and I commend her for her professionalism, caring and always striving for excellence.  


We spoke one afternoon about an extremely sad situation her patient was in. It was not so much the patient but the interaction with the family which touched her. She misted up and shared that it hurt her to see people (family members) agonize over the expected loss of a loved one. We all feel for the patient and their suffering but it takes a truly special person to be considerate enough to realize the pain the family is going through and comfort them during a trying time.  We spoke about how thankful we are for each day and how tomorrow is not promised because by grace is it not us laying in that bed and our families being the ones needing consoling. Emily truly cares, nursing is not just a job, it’s a calling and Emily Haase embodies everything good in nursing.


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