Ellen McDermott

Ellen McDermott

Ellen McDermott, RN

St. Joseph's Hospitals and South Florida Baptist Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
Ellen was born to be a nurse here.

From the moment we met Ellen McDermott was the perfect nurse for our family.  Our 11-month-old daughter had RSV and had just been transferred here.  We were scared and worried sick and Ellen told us the truth about our situation in a non-threatening way that educated us on the problems but didn't send us screaming. 

Our daughter had many complications and setbacks.  She was in the hospital 2 weeks.  If it weren't for Ellen’s caring nature, taking care of our entire family, we would not have made it through the week. I believe some people are just born for certain professions.  Ellen was born to be a nurse here.  She immediately caught on to our personalities and how to move forward and when to just love on our baby girl.  It would shock me if she didn't get an award every month for her kindness she showed us.  And she remained professional - which was hard in the unit. 

When we fell apart, Ellen tried to lift us up.  When we complained she directed us to the management who would listen instead of talking negatively.  When we left, we were actually sad because we knew we wouldn't get the same care without Ellen.