Elizabeth Wiebe

Elizabeth Wiebe, RN

Intermediate Care Center
Elkhart General Hospital
Elkhart, Indiana
United States
Liz goes above and beyond in finding ways to connect with her patients and families.

Liz is one of the most positive people I know. She maintains a very positive attitude every single day. In recent peer evaluations – some comments from her peers include:

“Great attitude and positive support”

“Love to work with Liz!”

“Pleasure to work with Liz, provides excellent care to our patients and is always willing to help staff”.

Liz consistently gives compassionate care to ALL of her patients. She especially connects with our Hispanic population – she puts them at ease because she can communicate with them. She brings an amazing calmness to her daily work which is reassuring to her patients and also her coworkers. She goes above and beyond with finding ways to connect with her patients and families; this is acknowledged by frequent mention in the monthly call backs. She has a great way of helping/calming even our most difficult patients. She also has a love of learning and is a good resource for peers. She also has great concern for her coworkers and frequently is seen offering her assistance.  She never complains and consistently encourages positivity by example. Our crazy busy days go smoother when Liz is here. She has been a great addition to our floor!