Elenita (Ellen) Abante-Razalan

Elenita (Ellen) Abante-Razalan, RN

Outpatient Care
Advocate Sherman Hospital
Elgin, Illinois
United States
Even though Ellen did not need to, she went above and beyond for us.

My husband checked in for a simple procedure. This wasn't the first time as an outpatient so we were pretty familiar with the process and what needed to be done.  The exception is that this time we were taken care of by Ellen. We were so appreciative of her care that we absolutely needed to recognize her for The DAISY Award.  After my husband's procedure was completed and he was in recovery, the doctor wrote for a CT scan which needed to be done ASAP. The problem is that we are truck drivers who are on the road constantly and only home about 2 times per month, therefore scheduling can become a lengthy ordeal.   Even though Ellen did not need to, she went above and beyond for us.  Ellen realized just how important it was for us to have this CT scan completed right away so she made several phone calls and scheduled the CT saving us weeks of waiting and worry that would have occurred if we had to schedule around our on-the-road schedule. We are grateful for her putting in this extra effort.  Nurse Ellen was tender, humorous, and truly made this experience one to remember.