Elena Rasin

Elena Rasin

Elena Rasin, RN

Medical Surgical
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Van Nuys, California
United States
Elena sincerely addressed my requests, which led to a more successful recovery.

I have been through many medical headships in my life.  Due to this, I have dealt with my fair share of nurses.  Most of them are very typical in what you would expect from a medical professional, they are knowledgeable, yet always on the move.  Patient in their work, but consistently eager to finish the next job. I was here for three nights and at that time, was cared for by different nurses, most of whom I thought did a fine job.  However, one, in particular, most definitely stood out.  Elena was that standout nurse.  She demonstrated compassion, patience, and understanding on a level that I had not experienced with any other nurse.  She sincerely addressed my requests, which led to a more successful recovery.  She listened and genuinely helped me to the best of her abilities.


Nurses who provide an individualized care approach are aware that their patients are unique individuals in their own right and like Elena, they plan care in partnership with the patient, taking into consideration the patient's own experiences, behavior, thoughts, and perceptions.  This approach enables a nurse to better understand the patient's condition and to identify their acute medical problems and personal concerns.  Many factors have an impact on the individualized care that nurses provide to their patients and by addressing the patient in this manner, a nurse is providing compassionate care to his/her patients.

By definition, compassion is an inherent quality or trait that enables a nurse to discern a need, provide comfort and help a patient feel safe and well cared for.  Elena served as an exemplar of this type of genuine compassion.