Elaitra Anglemyer
August 2020
Home Health and Hospice
Kaiser Permanente Washington
United States




Knowledgeable, compassionate, professional! Elaitra goes above and beyond on a daily basis making sure I know what's happening with my care. She sees me as a whole person and not just a diagnosis or condition. She acts as a knowledgeable resource for her teammates. She always puts her patients first and never makes me feel like I'm taking too long.  Elaitra hauls around everything a home health nurse might need out in the field and displays great creativity and problem-solving skills while always adhering to rigorous standards of excellence. I can't say enough. She called 911 and likely saved my life when I was suffering a badly infected gall bladder and didn't know it. She’s exceptional in every way. I consider myself very lucky to have had Elaitra as my nurse.